Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spent a Night in The Emergency Room

This weekend wasn't so great. Saturday, I was looking forward to a nice breezy weekend and a good book to curl up with. Around 7:00PM I had severe abdominal pain. I tried all of the tricks I own for reducing this sort of pain, called my Doctor in Rochester, and he told me to head on over to the ER for a cat scan. They found nothing wrong and sent me home. This sort of this is not unusal for me. I wasn't surprised. They did keep me unitl the pain subsided though and they gave me some really awesome pain killers, while I was there. I feel like I am hungover but I'm happy to say that I'm not in any pain. When I got home at 5:00AM, I found Allen sick. He has a cold, cough, sore throat thing. I hope tomorrow is better for both of us. Lots of hot tea and comfort food.
The chorus of this song best desribes my feelings today: (LEANN RIMES LYRICS"What I Cannot Change")
"I will learn to let go what I cannot changeI will learn to forgive what I cannot changeI will learn to love what I cannot changeBut I will change, I will changeWhatever I, whenever I can"
Tomorrow is a New Day!!!!

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